† Dick Valentijn – 25 juli 2010

† Dick Valentijn – 25 juli 2010

                                                   † 25-7-2010
in de leeftijd van 47 jaar

Je hoort het nummer ‘We will meet again’ van Oleta Adams

                                              You’ve gone away, left us today
For another place and time
With so much more to give, so much life to live
So much love you’ve left behind
That’s what makes it hard for me
That what makes it so unfair
I only know that someday, somewhere

We will meet again, We will meet again
Though I must let you go, I know it’s not the end
It may take a lifetime, But wait for me my friend
Cause I promise you, We will meet again

Don’t you cry, at least please try
I can hear you say to me
So I’ll be strong, I’ll carry on
Cause I know that’s how you’d want it to be
And every time I start missing
Not having you around
I’ll remember it’s just so long for now

We will meet again…..

Now it seems like we’re worlds apart
But we’re connected at the heart, oh
There’s still memories to be made
And I won’t be afraid, no

We will meet again….

Niets gevonden.

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